Food industry

Fruit and vegetable calibration
Vision system integrated into food processing machines, characterizing fruit and vegetables according to defined criteria.

The demands of agri-food sorting

The agri-food industry is very demanding when it comes to sorting products, to ensure that only those of the highest quality and in line with expectations find their way onto point-of-sale shelves.

Development of calibration ramps

We have developed a vision system integrated into food processing machines, which characterizes fruit and vegetables according to defined criteria: size, color, presence of stains, detection of intruders (stems).

Production is thus characterized and sorted at high speed to meet productivity requirements.

Discover other achievements

Imagery-equipped farm machinery for crop monitoring

Vision subsystem monitoring crop development in real time.

BSF automatic larvae production control system


A tool for sampling several hundred larvae in a repeatable way to analyze in detail the performance of production tools.

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