Words from the CEO

Xavier Datin

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, i2S

Dear investors,

With over 40 years’ experience in the field of imaging, i2S has adapted its strategy by capitalizing on its successes to open a new chapter in its history, with a new scope entirely dedicated to imaging solutions and with the ambition of responsible growth.

The latest external growth operations enhance i2S’s mastery of revealing the potential of an image, which it exploits in selected activities where the impact is positive. Thus, the company’s raison d’être is to capture images, sublimate them and enhance their use, to share knowledge and contribute to our well-being.

i2S’ high level of expertise has enabled it to develop and market world-renowned offerings in two fields: book scanners and software solutions dedicated to digitizing heritage, and a range of underwater cameras. In both cases, i2S stands out for the image quality of its solutions: compliance with the most demanding standards for large-format digitization and unrivalled visibility for underwater applications, even in turbid water.

i2S is also a specialist in customized imaging products with a positive impact, particularly in the medical field, but also in agriculture and the environment. Customers entrust i2S with the development and management of products requiring image capture and processing, whether static or video, with support throughout their life cycle.

This strategy is bearing fruit, with a very positive trend for the company, in terms of improved economic performance, customer loyalty, employee attractiveness and recognition of its responsible approach by its partners.

The new scope dedicated to imaging solutions in growth markets, based on rapidly evolving technologies that generate new applications, will enable us to accelerate the company’s development by capitalizing on specialized know-how and a differentiating offering.

Last but not least, the i2S team is passionate about images, firmly believes in using them to improve our daily lives, and is strongly committed to the company’s development.

Thank you for your interest in our company,

Best regards,

Xavier Datin

Chairman and CEO, i2S

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