Monitoring of agricultural plots

Imagery-equipped farm machinery for crop monitoring
Vision subsystem monitoring crop development in real time.

Monitoring agricultural plots

The use of imaging systems for agricultural plots enables farmers to gain a holistic and accurate view of their operation, detecting pest or weed infestations, diseases, monitoring their herds, and measuring indicators of crop condition and requirements.

Customized, integrated vision systems

More and more farm machinery is equipped with custom-integrated vision systems to provide the farmer with all this information rapidly, enabling him to adapt his actions: the quantity of water, fertilizer and phytosanitary products to be applied, the care to be given to the animals, and so on.

All in all, this optimizes the farmer's work, producing more and better.

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Crop characterization system suitable for small and medium-scale experiments or one-off measurements on farmers’ plots.

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Vision subsystem detecting weeds in the crop in real time.

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