Smart farming

Multi-sensor tool for plant phenotyping
Crop characterization system suitable for small and medium-scale experiments or one-off measurements on farmers’ plots.

What is phenotyping?

Acquiring field references, or phenotyping, is an essential activity for developing new decision-support tools, evaluating new cropping practices and new varieties.

These references are traditionally acquired through visual or destructive observations, which are time-consuming, costly and difficult to repeat over time. They are an obstacle to better crop growth monitoring.

Precision farming

High-throughput phenotyping systems (drones, phenomenobiles, etc.) have now reached a good level of maturity and are well suited to large-scale experimental platforms. On the other hand, the precision farming measurement tools used in experimentation are not very precise in relation to needs.

There is therefore a lack of crop characterization tools with good accuracy, relatively low cost and suitable for small to medium-sized experiments or one-off measurements in farmers' plots.

AI-enabled multi-sensor pole

We have developed a portable multi-sensor system with artificial intelligence for measuring plant density, crop height, species-specific characteristics and disease detection on microcultures.

The advantage is that it's a repeatable, non-invasive technique that doesn't affect plant development.

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