Smart spraying

Farm machinery equipped with imagery for intelligent spraying
Vision subsystem detecting weeds in the crop in real time.

The targeted spraying

Targeted spraying is a precision farming technique designed to reduce the quantities of herbicides used, while maintaining effectiveness on weeds. To achieve this, specific cameras and detection algorithms are needed to apply the product only where it is needed.

At the right time, in the right place and in the right dose

Farm machinery booms are equipped with specific sensors (infrared, hyperspectral) that detect weeds in real time, triggering the activation of appropriate spray nozzles.

These systems can reduce herbicide use by 60 to 95%.

Discover other achievements

Multi-sensor tool for plant phenotyping

Crop characterization system suitable for small and medium-scale experiments or one-off measurements on farmers’ plots.

Fruit and vegetable calibration ramp

Vision system integrated into food processing machines, characterizing fruit and vegetables according to defined criteria.

A project requiring imaging?

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