Microscope for cell characterization
Benchtop microscope developed for the start-up Treefrog Therapeutics, dedicated to off-line quality control of stem cell production.

Capsule and/or stem cell control

Our customer wanted an easy, fast and reproducible off-line image acquisition and analysis system to characterize and control capsules and/or stem cells produced by an operator.

Cell characterization microscope

This microscope is a system for routine acquisition of stem cell culture dishes.

It analyses off-line images easily, quickly and reproducibly in order to characterise and control the capsules and/or stem cells produced by an operator.

The system provides real-time analysis of various statistics to monitor cell development.

  • Image capture with minimum settings,
  • Real-time statistical analysis
  • Image capture compatible with the sterility and cleanliness constraints associated with cell production.

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Microbiological monitoring system

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