Incubator for time-lapse embryo monitoring
“ATLIS for embryos” time-lapse incubator for monitoring embryonic development in an in vitro fertilisation procedure.

Infertility, a global issue

Today, more and more couples are finding it difficult to conceive naturally, which has led to a growing demand for medical alternatives.

Fortunately, technological advances have opened new doors in the field of reproductive medicine, offering hope and the possibility of realizing the dream of starting a family. In vitro fertilization (IVF), in particular, has opened up new perspectives. One of the keys to the success of IVF lies in the ability to select the embryo with the best implant potential. This is where embryology doctors play a crucial role, using their expertise to evaluate and select the most viable embryos.

However, this delicate and complex task has been greatly simplified and improved thanks to constant advances in assisted reproductive technologies.

Expensive and bulky incubators

Time-lapse incubators are widely used in embryology to support assisted reproduction procedures. These systems are expensive and bulky.

We wanted to make this technology accessible, with unprecedented image quality for better diagnosis.

Incubator for time-lapse embryo monitoring

This time-lapse machine includes an incubator for maintaining embryo development conditions and monitoring their progress. This solution has been designed to accommodate 4 patients/machine, 16 embryos/patient, all with perfect identification and traceability.

We have developed a system with unprecedented image quality to help biologists in their diagnosis during assisted reproduction procedures.

What are the advantages of this solution?

  • Unprecedented image quality
  • Embryo analysis and 3D modeling
  • Diagnostic support for the practitioner

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