Medical imaging

Calibration bench
Production of an optical calibration and adjustment bench for ready-to-use cameras.

Using the calibration bench

This calibration bench facilitates the integration of cameras into final equipment, and guarantees the repeatability of shooting conditions. Any mass-produced imaging system must guarantee measurement accuracy and repeatability. With the integration of one or more cameras per system, with their respective optics, manufacturers are faced with the challenge of setting up identical camera-optics pairs.

Optical adjustment and camera calibration become essential operations to guarantee the reliability and repeatability of manufactured systems.

Development of a specific calibration bench

In close collaboration with the customer, we design a specific optical set-up and test bench to mass-produce perfectly identical camera-optic assemblies, ready for operation.

Depending on the volumes and tests to be carried out, we study the best overall production cost for each camera. The test bench reproduces the camera's shooting conditions in the final system, and is used, for example, to adjust lens focus, lock the lens and calibrate the camera.

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