Microbiological monitoring system
A new generation of “Miliflex Rapid”, a product developed for Merck Millipore. This automated system uses bioluminescence to detect microbial contamination using a hypersensitive camera.

Microbial contamination

The customer wanted a new generation of devices to detect microbial contamination by bioluminescence from a wide range of industries: pharmaceuticals, beverages, personal care and microelectronics.

Bioluminescence detection system

The Milliflex® Rapid 2.0 system is an automated solution for rapid and accurate detection of micro-organism contamination in pharmaceutical and food samples.

We developed this bioluminescence detection system with its dedicated business software and image processing algorithms that quantify and amplify the light emitted, which allows the machine to enumerate micro-organisms or colonies. The associated business software has been ergonomically designed to facilitate workflow in the laboratory.

The advantages of this solution are:

  • Rapid detection for increased production yields
  • Reliable and reproducible results
  • Detection from a small quantity of contaminants (3.2 femtomoles)

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